Job Profile
Job Title:  Environment Supervisor
Category:  OilandGas
Location:  Kuwait
Qualification:  Degree/Diploma
Job Description:  Environment Supervisor - Role Description Mission ▪ Assess the environmental aspects/impact of Company activities and identify proper mitigation measures ▪ Support and guidance for the development and improvement of the environmental system ▪ Perform studies/analyses on subject related to environmental issues Tasks ▪ Provide guidelines for the management of the environmental aspects to projects/companies ▪ Analyse the activities environmental impact, both for project and execution phases ▪ Identify and develop proper mitigation measures and methods to be implemented for reduction of the environmental impact ▪ Provide support for the development and improvement of the environmental management system and performances of Companies/projects ▪ Develop specific stud ies and global analysis in order to evaluate and improve the environmental system in normal and upset conditions ▪ Perform analysis and studies on the environment impact by the impact studies and evaluations (VIA,SIA) ▪ Update and spread the laws knowledge and the authorizing processes related to the environment both for global site/technical devises and specific environmental subjects
Duration:  Long Term
Salary:  USD 2310 per month +overtime
Date of Posting:  6/27/2018
Closing Date:  Closed
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